Content Writing Services in Kolkata

Content is king in the virtual streets and not every piece of content is worthy. Most websites contain long-form content because the owners have been told that Google loves long-form articles but the truth is that Google loves quality.

At Pragmatic SEO, we focus on using current methods that will result in content that is authoritative, well-structured and covers everything that your competition doesn’t. When it comes to content writing services, we currently employ the skyscraper method. This method ensures that your site is a one-stop-shop and that your audience does not need to go to another site to get information.

We ensure that our content leaves you contented.

Why Do You Need High-Quality Content For Your Website?

High-quality content gives value to your audience

Nobody wants to be taken for a ride and your audience can sniff fluff immediately they see it. People want to read what they can actually apply and becomes a benefit to them or those they know. Your content should answer questions and give information that is useful.

High-quality content converts into more sales

When you give people value, they trust you. Having high-quality content establishes you as a thought leader and people always follow the leader.  You should also note that 77% of people today read online content before making a decision on the product or service that they want to buy.

Good content lasts longer

Quality content is evergreen and can be read throughout the months if not years. The same content can even be repackaged into other formats, for instance, it can be converted into a video or listicle.

People share quality

People have been sharing what they love for years and the era of social media has just made sharing easier and faster. Because sharing is caring, when audiences find your content to be reasonable, makes them laugh or think or solves a problem, they will share it with everyone they know. What a simple and smart way of marketing your business to the masses without being marked as spam.

Quality content helps your SEO

High-quality content is not limited to good writing. Experts at Pragmatic SEO know that good content makes appropriate use of all the elements of SEO including keywords. All these and good research make your site stand out in search rankings.

What to Expect in Our Content Writing Service?

Now that you have decided that you want professional content writing for your website, time to tell you what you should expect from us.

  • ●We have an experienced team of writers who are multi-faceted and can handle several disciplines.
  • ●We have a flexible revision policy.
  • ●On-time orders. We don’t like running late because time is money and wasting it is an expense to both sides.
  • ●Our content is original, well researched and the best part is that we implement SEO naturally on our content pieces.
  • ●We communicate, we really do. We listen to everything you say, discuss the content strategy with you and we get down to business.

What Makes Us the Best Content Writing Services Provider in Kolkata?

It is true that Kolkata is home to lots of content writing services but we are the home of high-quality content. Pragmatic SEO provides the best content writing in Kolkata and here are a few reasons why:

  • ●We think and act globally. Our digital company is based in Kolkata but our team members are from different parts of the globe.
  • ●Every niche has an expert. All our team members play a different role.
  • ●We are not just a pretty website. Most ‘ flashy’ writing sites are a one-man show that outsources work. Pragmatic SEO deals with everything sensibly and practically.
  • ●We love what we do.

Honestly, we would not like to bore you with obvious facts like we have been in the business for a decade and such. We simply would like to show you what we really mean. If you would like to have great content on your site, think Pragmatic and contact us today.