UI/UX Design

Let us break the ice for you.

UI stands for user interface while UX stands for user experience. These two elements are part of the SEO process and go hand in hand. UI/UX is the main thing when it comes to the first impression visitors have when they come to your site. The design and usability of the site determine if the visitor will visit again. This means that the user experience and user interface contribute to search engine optimization.

At Pragmatic SEO, we want your visitors to overstay and enjoy themselves. With our proper UX service, we will be able to tell the pain points of your site. These are places that might confuse your visitors. A good interface is engaging and easy to navigate. This results in great engagement metrics that Google uses to rank you up.

Making your audience happy makes you rank higher.

The Importance Of UI/UX In Modern Day

You want to increase your sales and grow your business. It is important to note that you are not the only one trying to achieve this. Users have plenty of options online and therefore you have to grab them by the horns AKA UI/UX. So why is this important?

You will encourage interaction. Content cannot stand alone. You want people to have something they can relate to and that is why images and videos are added. A call of action and advertisements are engaging too. This is what makes your content appealing and personal.

Users become loyal when you engage them. Every modern business knows that people don’t want to be counted as numbers, they want to be counted as human so indulge them. Good and effective UI/UX designs work as advertising agents. People will always recommend a site that was easy and fast to use. Part of UX is making your site shareable and when a user does this, it really counts.

What To Expect In Our UI/UX Design Service?

At Pragmatic SEO, we focus on the key components of UI/UX Design namely, usability, information architecture, interaction design, wireframing and visual design.

Usability refers to user-friendliness. We get to see how a first-time user would manage to navigate your site and we also check the errors and how fast they can be handled.

Information architecture is about ensuring that your site can be navigated easily no matter the browser that accesses it.

Wireframing is all about creating a prototype that will show us how the site works before it is officially launched.

Visual design focuses on things to do with branding like images, colors, fonts, icons among other things. We help you identify what will greatly impact the user. This is also quite close to interactive design that delves deeper.

What Makes Our UI/UX Service Unique?

We are affordable, reliable and well able to deliver exactly what our clients need. We are happy to be part of your growth and success. Talk to us today and let us get you the best UI/UX design.