​​On-Page SEO

So, what is On-Page SEO?  On-Page SEO refers to the optimization of webpages so as to help your pages achieve a higher ranking in the search engine results. It focuses on the very details of your website that need improvements such as content quality, technical elements, and appearance.

At Pragmatic SEO, we love empowering our clients by letting them know that they are in charge of everything. When it comes to On-Page SEO, you can control everything that influences the outcome. All you need is a professional to get you started and you will be good to go. Our services will help you manage the factors of On-Page SEO and improve your ranking.

There are four main factors that search engines take into consideration when ranking your site. They are as follows:

  • Page content
  • Meta tags
  • Title tags
  • URLs

Do You Need On-Page SEO Services?

The elephant in the room when it comes to On-Page SEO is if it is a necessary service and the answer is yes. You do need these services.

On-Page SEO is the sign language interpreter for search engines. This is what makes the engines understand what your site’s content is all about. It is during indexing and ranking that the search engines associate webpages with the keywords they contain. This is, of course, checked against the search terms users type in the search box. So if you do not optimize your pages, your guess is as good as ours and that is, you will have minimized the chances of getting good traffic.

The reason why On-Page SEO is is referred to as ‘on-page’ is because this type of optimization contributes to better user experience. This is achieved by focusing on on-page content and structure. It is also important to note that On-Page SEO is a sub-branch of the entire SEO process and therefore all SEO processes must work together for you to get the best outcome.

What To Expect In Our On-Page SEO Service?

Effective On page optimization consists of several factors. At Pragmatic SEO, we look at all of them. The two main ones are analysis and monitoring. We are transparent in our dealings and always advise our clients that it is of no use to optimize the content and structure of your pages if the underlying issues have not been checked. We base our optimization processes on solid proof evidence-based plans.

What we offer when it comes to On-page optimization can be summarized in four elements

  • Technical optimization. When we talk about technical optimization, we mean that we will be looking at your server speed, source code, and IP addresses.
  • Content. This optimization focuses on the text, structural text elements, graphics, meta tags, and videos
  • Internal links and structure. This covers the logical structure and crawl depth, internal linking, URL structure, canonization, and focus
  • Design. This is related to graphics but delves deeper into file sizes, mobile optimization and call to action.

What Makes Our On-Page SEO Service Unique?

SEO will definitely steer your business in the right direction and help it grow. At Pragmatic SEO, we have more to offer than just experience and testimonials. We have a heart for businesses.

We are a full-service digital firm that specializes in SEO, Web Design, and Internet Marketing. Our team of young witty and creative IT experts will help you create a campaign that suits your business plus optimize your pages so that your SEO performance hits the ceiling. Well, what are you waiting for? If you are ready to start using our On-Page optimization services, contact us today and let us get started on your business success story.