SEO Audit Services

So, you have a website but how are people finding you and do they know how to, in the first place?  At Pragmatic SEO, we will help your business create a virtual pathway that will improve organic traffic flow to your site.

Ranking in the search engines is not a walk in the park hence the need to hire experts to assist you. Our team will do an extensive audit and outline the process required in order to beat your competitors in the virtual space.

Your site can rank better but because you must focus on other business matters, Pragmatic SEO will handle SEO matters for you. We understand this huge industry and also know the myths and misunderstandings that are generated every time an algorithm is changed or altered.

You need a roadmap and it all begins with an SEO audit. With this service, you can be assured of being found easily and fast.

So, could it be your web design or content that is the culprit costing you good search engine rankings? Well, at Pragmatic SEO, we will help you answer all that and a lot more using extensive analysis tools and a team that only quits when you win.

On-page factors

From checking the quality of content published to finding outgoing bad or broken backlinks, we analyze the site based on more than a dozen on-page factors. A report consisting of each element such as page speed, mobile-friendliness, primary keywords, etc. will help us determine what changes to be made and where.

Off-page factors

Once the on-page SEO factors are perfect, it’s time for the off-page analysis. Checking the referring domains, the authority of those links, anchor texts, do-follow or no-follow, etc. like off-page factors are our primary target. Furthermore, indexing factors, Google My Business for local SEO, Reviews, social signal, etc. are also given the utmost importance in the audit report.

Technical factors

Improving the server response time; checking the loading speed & protocols; optimizing Javascript, CSS, Images, redirects; speeding up the indexing process, and much more comes under the technical aspects of SEO. All these factors are also a significant part of the SEO audit.

All in all, these audit factors help decide what next step to take.

Do You Need SEO Audit?

An SEO audit serves as the summarized health status of your website. During the audit, you will be served with different actionable points that must be implemented. The SEO strategy is birthed from the audit report. If you already have a strategy in place then an SEO audit would serve as a second opinion that might point out the red flags.

Reasons why you need an SEO Audit

It is a routine check-up for your site. The audit compares your site’s condition to those that are established benchmarks in the online industry, Google included. You are either lagging behind, in good shape or in no shape at all.

It is a good way of finding out the technical issues ailing your site. Some of the technical issues are slow loading speeds, 404 errors, 301 and 302 redirects. This is also a technical audit.

It is a way of finding out the on-page issues with your site.

You will able to point out your competition and identify backlinks.

You will be able to know your visitor count.

It is a good and effective way of establishing an SEO strategy.

What Do We Cover In Our SEO Audit?

We provide you with everything that you need to know in relation to the current condition of your website plus its current rankings on the search engines. We cover several things:

On-page and off-page analysis

Technical SEO issues. A technical audit focuses on website speed, security, UX issues, page structure, redirects, canonicals, and indexation.

Reviewing your competition and their performance

Recommending action to be taken

Providing an SEO roadmap on existing issues and the solutions

Identifying keyword opportunities and content assets

What Makes Our SEO Audit Service Unique

With Pragmatic SEO audit services, we do not stop supporting you once the report is delivered. Ours is a practical and results-oriented approach. We are committed to helping you implement the necessary changes and move higher in ranking. Talk to us today and let us give your business a healthy heartbeat.